News, Updates, and a Little Havoc

Hello! Happy Summer! It’s the end of July, which means… 1) Going outside in Austin in the afternoon = recreating the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. 2) The start of the new school year is close enough that it can no longer be ignored, so I’m desperately trying to finish all the books I’veContinue reading “News, Updates, and a Little Havoc”

Keeps Typing

Creeeeeeeeak. [Sticks one arm tentatively inside. Feels spider webs. Flips out. Does hippity-hoppity screechy octopus-style dance move until all spider webs are off. [Reaches in with broom and clears entryway of cobwebs.] [Lights match. Sees angry homeless spiders. Drops match. Screams. Runs. Screams some more.] [Eventually comes back to make sure has not started fireContinue reading “Keeps Typing”

Guest Post, Horror, YA, & The Mysterious Disappearance of March

  March is almost over, which is just weird. Where did it go? No, I mean, seriously, where did March go? I feel like I blinked and missed it. But then I look at my to-do lists and my all-done lists and I realize that a lot of it went where months always go—into booksContinue reading “Guest Post, Horror, YA, & The Mysterious Disappearance of March”