Ghosts Close to Home

I grew up in the Dallas suburb of Richardson. My family lived in an old house on an even older property, and every October we haunted the place with homemade decorations, spooky stories, and jump-scares. By a happy coincidence, I was born into my ghost-loving family on Halloween. My childhood consisted of birthday parties whereContinue reading “Ghosts Close to Home”

Interview With a Teacher #12: Math Teacher

Thank you so much to “Math Teacher” for participating in my interviews! And a big thank you to ALL the math teachers out there for teaching students this difficult and important skill. The few times I had to sub a math class, I ended up sweaty and the students ended up confused. * * *Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #12: Math Teacher”

Interview With a Teacher #11: Ms. D.

A big thank you to Ms. D for being the first teacher to participate in my second round of interviews. I admit, I got tired just reading about your day. I never thought I was cut out to be an elementary teacher, and this interview confirms it. Your students (and their parents) are so fortunateContinue reading “Interview With a Teacher #11: Ms. D.”