Interview With a Teacher: Recap

Back in August, in an effort to support educators and show the world what it’s really like in the classroom on a day-to-day basis, I started interviewing current classroom teachers. This semester, ten brave teachers participated in my interviews: Mr. D’Elia, Mr. W, Ms. B, Mr. L, Ms. S, Ms. C, Ms. L, Mrs. H,Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher: Recap”

Poems & Purrs

Greetings, friends! I recently learned that two of my poems earned first place prizes in this year’s Poetry Society of Texas Annual Awards. I’m proud to share that “Upon Running into a Former Sweater at Goodwill” and “Eating the Watermelon Moon” will appear in PST’s A Book of the Year 2023. While I can’t giveContinue reading “Poems & Purrs”

Interview With a Teacher #10: Ms. A

I’m so thankful to hear from a fine arts teacher! I had so much respect and affection for all of my band directors in middle school and high school. My guess is you felt the same way about your band or choir or orchestra or theater or art teachers. There’s just something special about them,Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #10: Ms. A”