Poems & Purrs

Greetings, friends! I recently learned that two of my poems earned first place prizes in this year’s Poetry Society of Texas Annual Awards. I’m proud to share that “Upon Running into a Former Sweater at Goodwill” and “Eating the Watermelon Moon” will appear in PST’s A Book of the Year 2023. While I can’t giveContinue reading “Poems & Purrs”

Pandemic Painting & A Better Year Ahead

This weekend I sat down and re-read my journal entries from March through July of 2020. I wanted to re-experience those first few months of the pandemic, to see it again from a little distance. (I stopped at August because I wasn’t ready to revisit the school year again.) It was so surreal reading myContinue reading “Pandemic Painting & A Better Year Ahead”

The Long and Short of It: A Pandemic Poem

The Long and Short of It I used to get my hair cut twice a year— grow it long, cut it short, grow it long, cut it short. Each trip to the salon wrapped neatly inside an hour, the look I left with as final as the severing of that first big chop. Home haircutsContinue reading “The Long and Short of It: A Pandemic Poem”