Pandemic Painting & A Better Year Ahead

This weekend I sat down and re-read my journal entries from March through July of 2020. I wanted to re-experience those first few months of the pandemic, to see it again from a little distance. (I stopped at August because I wasn’t ready to revisit the school year again.) It was so surreal reading myContinue reading “Pandemic Painting & A Better Year Ahead”

The Long and Short of It: A Pandemic Poem

The Long and Short of It I used to get my hair cut twice a year— grow it long, cut it short, grow it long, cut it short. Each trip to the salon wrapped neatly inside an hour, the look I left with as final as the severing of that first big chop. Home haircutsContinue reading “The Long and Short of It: A Pandemic Poem”

Conquest or Coincidence?

Today, at the Austin Poetry Society’s Online Annual Awards Celebration, my poem “Growing Faces” won first place in The Unexpected Award. I’m excited that this weird, somewhat creepy little poem will appear in the 2019-2020 volume of Best Austin Poetry and can’t wait to see it come out in print later this year. In theContinue reading “Conquest or Coincidence?”