Carie Juettner is the author of The Ghostly Tales of New England, The Ghostly Tales of Austin, The Ghostly Tales of Burlington, and The Ghostly Tales of Dallas in the Spooky America series by Arcadia Publishing. Her poems and short stories have appeared in publications such as The Twin Bill, Nature Futures, and Daily Science Fiction. Carie taught 7th grade English for nineteen years before leaving the classroom to write full time. She lives in Richardson, Texas, with her husband and pets.

A Few Fun Facts About Me:

  1. I was born on Halloween and love telling ghost stories around a campfire.
  2. My last name is pronounced YOOT-ner. It’s German, so the J makes a Y sound.
  3. I have read The Outsiders by S. E. Hinton over sixty times and have whole sections of the book memorized.
  4. I have spatial sequence synesthesia, which means I see the days of the week, the months of the year, and number lines as occupying a physical space. You can read more about this form of synesthesia here.
  5. I once fished for piranha in the Amazon River in Peru, but I was not very good at it.
  6. I love exploring creeks and nature trails and wooded areas, especially ones where I might run into an armadillo or roadrunner or tarantula.
  7. I had a cat who lived to be twenty-four years old.
  8. I played softball for ten years.
  9. My favorite things are books, coffee, and pumpkins, but not always in that order.
  10. I can juggle a little bit if I sing the circus song in my head while I do it.