Are your students interested in spooky stories?
Would you like to enhance your writing curriculum with a workshop?
Does your class want the chance to chat with a published author?

Consider hiring me for a school visit!

About My Visits:

I offer a variety of presentations and workshops for 5th-8th grades. Presentations are 1 hour long but can be adapted to fit into 45 minute periods. All workshops are offered in person, and most can be modified for a virtual format. My presentations work best with small to medium-sized audiences (20-50 participants) but can accommodate up to 100. I’m flexible and willing to work with you to accommodate your needs.

I taught 7th grade English for nineteen years, so I have a lot of experience working with middle schoolers. My visits support SEL (Social & Emotional Learning) and supplement the ELA curriculum by focusing on skills in the TEKS, such as:

  • Making inferences
  • Analyzing how setting affects character and plot
  • Revising drafts for clarity and word choice
  • Composing poetry

I love working with students and sharing my passion for reading and writing. For more information about the workshops I offer, read on, or download my Author Visits Flyer. If you have questions or would like to schedule an event, please contact me.


Workshop & Presentation Options:

Author Reading and Q&A

History and haunting come together in the Spooky America series!

Description: Looking for a spooky story-time with built-in history? I’ll read a couple of chapters from my Spooky America books and talk about the process of adapting the Haunted America series for young readers, then answer questions.

The Importance of Setting
in Ghost Stories

Enhance your students’ understanding of setting with this spooky presentation!

Description: Using excerpts from my Spooky America books as well as other middle grade novels, I will help students identify and analyze setting and guide them through a writing exercise for their own ghost story.

Refreshing Revision:
Making Every Word Count

Does it really matter whether you use the word sad or grumpy? Went or hurried? Small or microscopic? Yes, it does! Choosing the right word is key to communicating clearly.

Description: Using engaging techniques such as verb poetry and word scaling, I will help students revise their own writing by sharpening their word choice and eliminating worn-out-words and vague verbs. Students may bring a writing piece already in progress, or we can do a writing exercise to give them something to work with.

The Poetic Process:
From First Idea to Final Draft

Where do poems come from? And where do they go from there?

Description: In this presentation, I will share a few of my published poems and explain how they went from idea to finished product, including how much revision each poem needed. (Spoiler alert: It’s usually a LOT.) Then I’ll guide students in a writing exercise. Depending on where participants are in their poetry unit, the activity can focus on brainstorming or revision.

Finding Fun in Found Poetry

Hands-on workshop stimulating creativity by drawing inspiration from other texts.

Description: From collage poems to book title poems to re-creations to blackout poetry, there is a variation of found poetry for every size class or audience. You choose the level of mess you’re willing to deal with, and I’ll do the rest.


Schedule a Visit Today!

Contact me to schedule a visit or find out more information about my rates and availability. I look forward to meeting you and your students!

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