“Sometimes” / A Holiday Memory

This year, like most people, I did the bulk of my holiday shopping online (and am still waiting for a few gifts to arrive from wherever they are currently lost under a pile of packages at the post office). But usually, I prefer to do my shopping in person. I like wandering the aisles withContinue reading ““Sometimes” / A Holiday Memory”

Christmas Carols for Teachers

* Put down your grading pen, grab an eggnog or two, and warm up your singing voice for these soon-to-be holiday classics. * Working in a Public Middle School * To the tune of “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” School bells ring, so many missing In your class, no one’s listening These December days EatContinue reading “Christmas Carols for Teachers”

It’s My Brain and I Can Turn It Off If I Want To

“WALLET!” my husband shouts from the car, as I bound across the parking lot to Walgreens. “Oops!” I say, trotting back to the car to retrieve my wallet. I smile at my hubby. He does not smile back. This is after I asked to go on his errands with him because I needed something reallyContinue reading “It’s My Brain and I Can Turn It Off If I Want To”