Beware: The Dallas Ghosts are Here

Happy Book Birthday to The Ghostly Tales of Dallas! Today I’m celebrating the release of my fourth book in the Spooky America series, The Ghostly Tales of Dallas. I’m so proud to be an author for this series. For those of you who don’t know, the Spooky America books are adaptations of the Haunted AmericaContinue reading “Beware: The Dallas Ghosts are Here”

A Fungus Among Us & Where to Find Me at TLA

Let’s pretend you don’t like mushrooms. This is actually easy for me to pretend because I don’t, in fact, like mushrooms. I don’t enjoy their taste and, more importantly, I find their texture unnerving and their appearance vile, particularly that little hairy part. Ick. So, you don’t like mushrooms. That’s okay. You don’t have toContinue reading “A Fungus Among Us & Where to Find Me at TLA”

Finding Joy in January

January has been taking a lot of flak lately. I constantly see posts and tweets about how it’s a hard month full of broken resolutions, low energy, and depression. This makes me sad because January is often an enjoyable month for me, unlike February which was always really hard when I was a teacher andContinue reading “Finding Joy in January”