Interview With a Teacher: A Final Recap

Over the past ten months, I interviewed thirteen teachers about what it’s like working in education today. All of the participants work in public schools in Texas: three in elementary, six in middle school, and four in high school. Each teacher gave honest, thoughtful, often eye-opening, sometimes hilarious insights into the day-to-day life of aContinue reading “Interview With a Teacher: A Final Recap”

Interview With a Teacher #13: Ms. G

Fine arts teachers are amazing. I was in band in junior high and high school, and I never took any art classes, but I wish I could sneak into Ms. G’s high school and take her drawing class. Unfortunately, my gray hairs and complete ignorance of TikTok would probably give me away. Thank you, Ms.Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #13: Ms. G”

Interview With a Teacher #12: Math Teacher

Thank you so much to “Math Teacher” for participating in my interviews! And a big thank you to ALL the math teachers out there for teaching students this difficult and important skill. The few times I had to sub a math class, I ended up sweaty and the students ended up confused. * * *Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #12: Math Teacher”