Interview With a Teacher: Recap

Back in August, in an effort to support educators and show the world what it’s really like in the classroom on a day-to-day basis, I started interviewing current classroom teachers. This semester, ten brave teachers participated in my interviews: Mr. D’Elia, Mr. W, Ms. B, Mr. L, Ms. S, Ms. C, Ms. L, Mrs. H,Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher: Recap”

Interview With a Teacher #9: S.S.

We’re back in high school with this week’s interview. Thank you to S.S. for answering my questions! I loved reading about the positive parent interactions and the weekly venting/idea-generating coffee date with the coworker. Those conversations are so important. And yes, self care CAN look like a cup of coffee in the breakroom after school;Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #9: S.S.”

Interview With a Teacher #7: Ms. L

A big thank you to Ms. L for being my first elementary school participant! Perhaps elementary school teachers are the busiest of them all and that’s why they don’t have time to complete surveys? It’s possible. I don’t know how elementary teachers do it. The lower grades were always too huggy and sticky for me.Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #7: Ms. L”