Interview With a Teacher #12: Math Teacher

Thank you so much to “Math Teacher” for participating in my interviews! And a big thank you to ALL the math teachers out there for teaching students this difficult and important skill. The few times I had to sub a math class, I ended up sweaty and the students ended up confused. * * *Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #12: Math Teacher”

Interview With a Teacher #6: Ms. C

Thank you, Ms. C, for participating in my interviews! It’s interesting to hear from someone who came to teaching from a different career path. I’m sorry you’re having such a rough year, but I appreciate all the time you’ve given to kids when you could have remained in a higher paying job. My heart isContinue reading “Interview With a Teacher #6: Ms. C”

Interview With a Teacher #4: Mr. L

Thank you to Mr. L for taking the time to participate in my interviews! I love hearing from first-year teachers. Despite the fact that he’s facing some struggles, I can tell from his responses that he’s working his butt off and doing a great job. This is the second teacher to mention making a positiveContinue reading “Interview With a Teacher #4: Mr. L”