Interview With a Teacher #12: Math Teacher

Thank you so much to “Math Teacher” for participating in my interviews! And a big thank you to ALL the math teachers out there for teaching students this difficult and important skill. The few times I had to sub a math class, I ended up sweaty and the students ended up confused. * * *Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #12: Math Teacher”

Interview With a Teacher #11: Ms. D.

A big thank you to Ms. D for being the first teacher to participate in my second round of interviews. I admit, I got tired just reading about your day. I never thought I was cut out to be an elementary teacher, and this interview confirms it. Your students (and their parents) are so fortunateContinue reading “Interview With a Teacher #11: Ms. D.”

Interview with a Teacher, the Sequel: Second Semester

For those of you who enjoyed reading my “Interview with a Teacher” series in the fall, I’m happy to report that it’s back! I have more teacher interviews coming your way. For those who are new to my blog and have no idea what I’m talking about, here’s a quick summary: Consider yourself caught up!Continue reading “Interview with a Teacher, the Sequel: Second Semester”