Interview With a Teacher #9: S.S.

We’re back in high school with this week’s interview. Thank you to S.S. for answering my questions! I loved reading about the positive parent interactions and the weekly venting/idea-generating coffee date with the coworker. Those conversations are so important. And yes, self care CAN look like a cup of coffee in the breakroom after school;Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #9: S.S.”

Interview With a Teacher #5: Ms. S

Thank you for participating in my interviews, Ms. S! Your unique teaching situation makes my head spin. So many subjects to teach (and all in the same class period) and so much fluctuation. But it’s obvious you’re the perfect fit for this particular population of students. Thanks for being there for them. ❤️ * *Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #5: Ms. S”

Interview With a Teacher #3: Ms. B

This is my first interview with a first year teacher, and I’m so excited to share it with you. Ms. B’s passion and voice shine through in her descriptions of interactions with her students and coworkers. I’m so glad that people like her are still choosing to be educators. The students need them. * *Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #3: Ms. B”