Interview With a Teacher #9: S.S.

We’re back in high school with this week’s interview. Thank you to S.S. for answering my questions! I loved reading about the positive parent interactions and the weekly venting/idea-generating coffee date with the coworker. Those conversations are so important. And yes, self care CAN look like a cup of coffee in the breakroom after school;Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #9: S.S.”

Interview With a Teacher #8: Mrs. H

Oh my goodness, this interview really got to me. I’ve seen how much the pandemic has changed social behavior in middle schoolers, but it hadn’t occurred to me how little (if any) “normal” school years our elementary kids have had. It’s obvious how hard this teacher works based on her sub plans and her extraContinue reading “Interview With a Teacher #8: Mrs. H”

Interview With a Teacher #7: Ms. L

A big thank you to Ms. L for being my first elementary school participant! Perhaps elementary school teachers are the busiest of them all and that’s why they don’t have time to complete surveys? It’s possible. I don’t know how elementary teachers do it. The lower grades were always too huggy and sticky for me.Continue reading “Interview With a Teacher #7: Ms. L”