Get a Cat (or Don’t)

Cats are such a joy. Usually. On one hand, they’re adorable. And they provide hours of entertainment both in the form of comedy… …and drama. But they can also be needy… …and creepy… …and owning a cat often means waking up to this: It’s a tough choice. Maybe this poem, first published by the PoetryContinue reading “Get a Cat (or Don’t)”

6 Tricks Pet Owners Will Love

I’m not talking about sit, stay, and roll over. These tricks will save you time, money, and sanity. Our Story: In 2010, my husband and I got married. We formed a blended family. He came to the relationship with two cats, and so did I. Our cats were pretty old.* We loved them all.** ButContinue reading “6 Tricks Pet Owners Will Love”

Order Your Toby T-Shirt Today!

So… this is actually happening. 🙂 I’m laughing as I type this because half of me thinks it’s absurd and the other half thinks it’s awesome. Both halves, though, are laughing. Why? Because I’m making t-shirts with my cat on them. And people are buying them. I feel like any and all progress I’ve made in convincingContinue reading “Order Your Toby T-Shirt Today!”