Get a Cat (or Don’t)

Cats are such a joy. Usually. On one hand, they’re adorable. And they provide hours of entertainment both in the form of comedy… …and drama. But they can also be needy… …and creepy… …and owning a cat often means waking up to this: It’s a tough choice. Maybe this poem, first published by the PoetryContinue reading “Get a Cat (or Don’t)”

That Summer

This poem was published in A Book of the Year 2017, the anthology of first place poems from the Poetry Society of Texas annual contests. Now that it’s July, when we’re steeped in Texas summer, it seems like a good time to share it with you. Plus, I just got home from spending a fewContinue reading “That Summer”

A Mother’s Gift

Last November, I attended the Poetry Society of Texas Annual Awards Banquet, where two of my poems took home first place prizes. The banquet was lovely, the food was good, the poems were wonderful, and of course I was excited about my prizes, but the best part about the whole thing was that my momContinue reading “A Mother’s Gift”