Mid-Year Crisis

Teachers, listen to me. No, seriously, pick your head up off that desk or out of that bucket of wine, and LISTEN. I get it. I really, really do. It’s the end of February, which means… You have six weeks until the STAAR test and eight weeks of lessons that you need to teach beforeContinue reading “Mid-Year Crisis”

Keeps Typing

Creeeeeeeeak. [Sticks one arm tentatively inside. Feels spider webs. Flips out. Does hippity-hoppity screechy octopus-style dance move until all spider webs are off. [Reaches in with broom and clears entryway of cobwebs.] [Lights match. Sees angry homeless spiders. Drops match. Screams. Runs. Screams some more.] [Eventually comes back to make sure has not started fireContinue reading “Keeps Typing”