Happy Spring!

Hello, World! What have you been up to? Me? Oh, the usual… reading, writing, accumulating pet hair on my clothes, and trying to get seventh graders to understand time management and the consequences of their actions. The time management thing would be easier if any of them could actually read an analog clock. [Here’s anContinue reading “Happy Spring!”


Pandemic * Coronavirus is on the tongue of every passerby. Gossip spreads faster than germs and both are carriers of the disease. We wash our hands raw with soap and practicality but can’t help inhaling the news. Our map is full of pins in places we’re not allowed to go while vacations are both extendedContinue reading “Pandemic”

Me and Mags, Episode 2: Your Skeleton is Showing

[If you you missed Episode 1 of Me and Mags click here to read it first!] * The trick that launched me into my year of popularity was the secret of the Second Day Outfit, and I learned it from my little brother of all people. Justin was in sixth grade when I was in eighth,Continue reading “Me and Mags, Episode 2: Your Skeleton is Showing”