Interview With a Teacher #2: Mr. W.

A Note About These Interviews: I taught seventh grade for almost twenty years and was constantly surprised at the difference between what friends, family, parents, neighbors, and community members imagined my job was like and what it actually was like. The few times I had the privilege of inviting a friend or family member toContinue reading “Interview With a Teacher #2: Mr. W.”

My Heart is With You, Teachers

Today is the first day of school in Austin, but I am not there, and it’s not just because I moved. In May, after nineteen years teaching seventh grade English, I resigned from my career as a middle school teacher. I was not alone. Thousands of teachers across the country walked away from education thisContinue reading “My Heart is With You, Teachers”

The Pandemic Has Made Us Weird

I said hi to a mannequin last week. This wasn’t one of those situations where you accidentally bump into a mannequin and instinctively say “Excuse me” before realizing it wasn’t a real person. No, I was a good fifteen feet from this mannequin when I glanced up and said, “Hi!” and smiled behind my doubleContinue reading “The Pandemic Has Made Us Weird”