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Book Title Poems From a Stormy Night

Last night, thunderstorms and a pot of evening coffee proved to be the perfect combination for pulling books off my shelves and making some more book title found poems. Here are a few of my latest creations:


The Arrival

In the lake of the woods,
strange little girls
wait ’till Helen comes
out of darkness
(beautiful darkness)
the girl from the well
extending the shade,
inhaling the silence.

Old friend from far away,
time you let me in.



Growing Pains

hard times,
brave new world–
the flag of childhood
catching fire



Why the Dwarf Had to Be Shot

Miss Nelson is missing!
The walls around us red as blood,
the creeping shadow leaving a trace
a darker shade of magic.
Mortal coils fuel
smoke from this alter.
All that lives must die.

I am not a serial killer.



Journaling the Apocalypse

Vampires in the lemon grove
howl the sound of water.

Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
speak of the devil.

Places left unfinished at the time of creation

The sky is everywhere
when you are engulfed in flames.


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*Closed Due to Allergies*

There are SOOOO many blog posts I want to write – book reviews and humorous lists and writing advice and clever anecdotes that will fit your life so perfectly and make you smile. I want to write all of that and more. I want to write novel chapters and short stories and grocery lists and postcards to people I don’t know. I want to write it all.

Unfortunately, I have been stricken with cedar allergies. My throat hurts, my eyes itch, it feels like there is cotton in my ears, and my nose… let me just spare you the details of what my nose has been doing. Just know that it is both ceaseless and disgusting. Also, if I sit in the same place for more than fifteen minutes, I tend to fall asleep.

So you and I both will have to wait until the cedar pollen loosens its grip on my senses to find out what interesting tidbits I have to share with you. For now, I’m letting someone else do the work. And that someone is Poetweet.

What is Poetweet?

Poetweet is a program that creates poems from your tweets. It’s as simple and as awesome as that. You just go to their website, type in your Twitter handle, and choose the type of poem you want them to make: sonnet, rondel, or indriso. With my love of fate and literature-based fortune-telling, I naturally fell in love with this little game and had to try all three forms.

Here they are. I hope you enjoy them, and I hope you compose a Poetweet of your own. If you do, share the link in the comments! 🙂

Poem #1:

I have written several sonnets in my life, but never one quite like this.

Read my sonnet here.

Poem #2:

I have actually never written a rondel, but have always wanted to. You think this counts?

Read my rondel here.

Poem #3:

I had never heard of an indriso before, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say this is a fantastic specimen.

Read my indriso here.

Have fun with Poetweet! See you again when I finish sneezing!

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Holiday Mad Lib Reveal: Let It Snore


It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for… the Holiday Mad Lib reveal!

Surprise! The “story” you were helping to complete was actually a beloved holiday song. And boy did you butcher it. Here are the results:

Let it Snore

Oh the weather outside is moldy,
But the internet is so bold-y,
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let it snore! Let it snore! Let it snore!

 It doesn’t show signs of blowing,
And I’ve bought some hummus for tip-toeing,
The pillows are turned way down low,
Let it snore! Let it snore! Let it snore!

When we occasionally scrape good night,
How I’ll hate going out in the machine,
But if you’ll really drink me tight,
All the way home I’ll be green!

The internet is suspiciously straining,
And, my dear, we’re still feinting,
But as long as you hiccup me so,
Let it snore! Let it snore! Let it snore!

My favorite parts are the moldy weather, the suspiciously straining internet, and the line “How I’ll hate going out in the machine,” because I totally get that. Well done.

Now your job is to sing this rendition aloud at your next holiday gathering, preferably over some hummus, while you have the hiccups. 🙂


I have a funny memory associated with this song. Many years ago, I went caroling with a group of people I barely knew on 37th Street in Austin. We met at someone’s house first to rehearse (yes, we actually rehearsed) and when it came time to divvy up the guy verses and girl verses of “Let It Snow,” a heated argument broke out over who would bring the popcorn. (Because, in the second stanza, someone usually brings “corn for popping “rather than “hummus for tip-toeing.”)

The conversation went something like this:

Girl – “The girls sing first.”
Guy – “No, the guys start the song.”
Girl – “No, the girls start every year.”
Guy – “You’re wrong. We sing, ‘Oh the weather outside is frightful,’ and you sing, ‘but the fire is so delightful.’
Girl – “No, we don’t. Because in the second verse, we sing, ‘It doesn’t show signs of stopping,’ and you sing, ‘And I’ve brought some corn for popping.’ You bring the popcorn. You always bring the popcorn!”
(Awkward pause.)
Guy – “Why do we always have to bring the popcorn! You bring the damn popcorn for once!”

Ah, the holidays. 🙂

Thanks to those who participated in my little game. Everyone have a happy weekend!