Why I’m Grateful for The Spider and the Fly

Today, while I was trapped inside by the quarter inch of ice that shut down Austin, Texas, I attempted to weed-out my picture book collection.  I was not successful.  Rather than getting rid of a single book, I instead spent forty-five minutes re-reading favorites such as Miss Nelson is Missing and Harry the Dirty DogContinue reading “Why I’m Grateful for The Spider and the Fly”

The Jack-in-the-Box

This week, my house has been acting like it’s October instead of January. First, I noticed tiny hand prints in the high window above my front door.  Raccoons, you say?  My money’s on gnomes.  Either way, something’s been peeking in my window.  Next I inherited this beautiful* new bird from my good friend Emily and promptlyContinue reading “The Jack-in-the-Box”

Rumbledethumps and Writing Tips

For Christmas, I got two new vegetarian cookbooks:  Moosewood Restaurant Favorites and Quick-Fix Vegetarian.  (The hubby and I are not vegetarians, but we eat a lot of meat-less meals at home.)  I love both books.  I’ve already made the lemon and herb baked tofu and the “rumbledethumps” from the Moosewood book, as well as theContinue reading “Rumbledethumps and Writing Tips”