“Winter” “Woes”

[Why are both words of the title in quotation marks? Because it’s not really winter, and these aren’t really woes. I mean, technically, it is winter, according to the calendar, but it’s a woefully weak one so far. And these are woefully weak woes to be experiencing during a woefully weak winter. But let’s getContinue reading ““Winter” “Woes””

Acting the Fool in 2015

Last night at midnight, my husband and I got out my collection of fortune-telling paraphernalia and did a quick “What does the new year have in store for us?” assessment. We each compiled a reading based on the following items: * One store bought fortune-on-a-stick * One homemade fortune-on-a-stick * One question for the MagicContinue reading “Acting the Fool in 2015”

My First Guest Speaking Appearance (And a Few Hilarious Misspellings)

This past Friday, I drove up to the Harmony Science Academy of North Austin to be a guest speaker in an eighth grade poetry class, and it was a blast. I’d never been a guest speaker before. I’d hosted guest speakers in my own classroom and been to see plenty of them at bookstores and libraries,Continue reading “My First Guest Speaking Appearance (And a Few Hilarious Misspellings)”