Advice From a Teacher: Recommendations for Writing Help

As a teacher* I’m frequently asked for advice on teaching, learning, studying, reading, and avoiding getting sick. While I don’t consider myself an expert on any of these things, I always try to give some helpful suggestions. So… I’ve decided to start sharing those suggestions on my blog, hoping that my small pieces of adviceContinue reading “Advice From a Teacher: Recommendations for Writing Help”

10 Tips For Keeping a Journal

I started my first journals when I was in junior high. I called them my “poetry journals” because they were filled with—you guessed it—poetry. Mostly really, really dramatic rhyming poetry with titles like “Flirting with Disaster” and “Dancing with Danger.” Those journals evolved to include favorite quotes, photos, birthday cards, cartoons cut out of theContinue reading “10 Tips For Keeping a Journal”

Driven to Distraction: How to Avoid Losing Focus When Writing

The internet gets a bad rap. People are always talking about what a time suck it is and how “these days” we have such difficulty staying away from distractions. While I agree that it’s easy to get lost in social media, educational blog posts, and cute pictures of puppies, the interwebs are not solely responsibleContinue reading “Driven to Distraction: How to Avoid Losing Focus When Writing”