Sometimes You Have to Look

I see a lot of things on my morning walks. Just this month alone, I’ve seen… …an armadillo rooting for grubs… …a cicada shedding its shell… …a big toad sprawled belly-down on a wet sidewalk… …a raccoon sneaking around a garbage can. When I post the pictures of the critters I come across, people areContinue reading “Sometimes You Have to Look”

Simple Pleasures

It’s been a while since I traveled. The last time I flew somewhere was in October of 2019 when I took myself on a writing retreat to The Highlights Foundation in Pennsylvania. I spent a long weekend writing, reading, watching the wildlife, and taking long walks through the woods by myself. The last time theContinue reading “Simple Pleasures”

After It Rains

Rain is an event here in Austin. We tweet about it, talk about it, marvel at it, and sometimes dance in it. At times, we get more than we need, as happened during the terrible Memorial Day weekend floods earlier this year. But more often than not, we go so long without rain that itsContinue reading “After It Rains”