Sometimes You Have to Look

I see a lot of things on my morning walks. Just this month alone, I’ve seen… …an armadillo rooting for grubs… …a cicada shedding its shell… …a big toad sprawled belly-down on a wet sidewalk… …a raccoon sneaking around a garbage can. When I post the pictures of the critters I come across, people areContinue reading “Sometimes You Have to Look”

If I Get Eaten By a Chupacabra, Give the Cat His Medicine

Nature gives us gifts every day. Today I’ve already had my share. It’s summer, which means great bursts of laziness followed by great bursts of creativity, culminating in me keeping vampire hours. I’ve been staying up way too late the past week doing everything and nothing. It’s been great, but I’m determined to get backContinue reading “If I Get Eaten By a Chupacabra, Give the Cat His Medicine”

Surviving My Morning Walk: A Brush With Nature

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center is an “internationally recognized botanic garden dedicated to inspiring the conservation of native plants in natural and designed landscapes” located in Austin, Texas.* In other words, it’s a pretty, outdoor-y, nature-y place where you can take walks, learn about flowers, swing in swings, watch turtles and owls, look atContinue reading “Surviving My Morning Walk: A Brush With Nature”