Two Stories and a Poem

It’s been a while since I’ve had any publication news to share, but when it rains, it pours. (Or, as we say here in Texas, when it rains… we run outside and spin around in it, because it feels a little like magic.) If you’re looking for something to read on a rainy day orContinue reading “Two Stories and a Poem”

Cicada Emerging and Some Poetry Updates

Greetings, friends! Today I’d like to share a few poetry updates, and a poem. Poetry Updates First, I’m proud to announce that my poem “Night Walk” was published in the most recent issue of Dreams & Nightmares. If you’re interested in obtaining your own copy, here’s how to do it, per the publisher’s blog: Try outContinue reading “Cicada Emerging and Some Poetry Updates”

A Few Poetry Updates

This post is for all the poetry fans out there. (But the rest of you are more than welcome to read it too. After all, we lovers of poetry are a very open and accepting crowd, always happy to add a few more members to our club.) I have a few pieces of poetry-related newsContinue reading “A Few Poetry Updates”