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Pumpkins and Poetry


Today I’d like to share two little October-themed poems with you.

“Harvest Moon” is my very first published poem. It appeared in the 2009 Texas Poetry Calendar, and was published under my maiden name, Carie Kinder. I wrote this poem in my head as I drove home from work one October night, the full moon guiding my way.

Harvest Moon

On the way home,
you caught my eye
and took my breath,
jack-o-lantern in the sky.

I barely believed
what I had seen—
I guess we’re all dressed
for Halloween.

The following haiku is one I wrote during an informal poetry class when I was at UT. It was also written before I was married, but, although I always loved the poem, I didn’t submit it for publication until many years later. It too found a home in the Texas Poetry Calendar, in 2013.

Calm, moon-glazed pumpkin
rests peacefully on the porch,
awaiting the knife.

Happy Carving,

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Poetry News

Hello friends in the blogosphere!

I’m still recovering from my five blog posts in five days last week. Whew! It was fun but also a lot of work, and as I said in Tip #10, even blogging can be a form of procrastination. So this week I’m focusing on my novel draft and keeping things simple in the blogging world.

In lieu of a lengthy post, here’s a quick update on a few things happening in my poetic endeavors.



This past Saturday, I attended the Austin Poetry Society’s Annual Awards Banquet at The North Door, where my poem “Up a Tree” won second place in the “Moving Along” contest. At the banquet, I was also inducted into the Board of Directors as the new Corresponding Secretary. I look forward to my new role in the society!

On Monday, I received some more good news. Dos Gatos Press accepted my poem “August in Texas: A Tritina” for publication in the 2015 Texas Poetry Calendar. I am honored to once again be included in this wonderful anthology. I’ll post more updates when the calendar becomes available for purchase. Dos Gatos always does a beautiful job with the cover and the layout of this poetic and practical book.

And yesterday, the Poetry Society of Texas released their ebook anthology, A Texas Garden of Verses, which includes two of my poems: “Something I’ll Miss About My House on Ramsey,” which was originally published in di-verse-city 2011, and “Enchanted Rock in September,” another tritina that first appeared in the 2012 Texas Poetry Calendar. This collection includes eight poet laureates as well as many other award-winning poets and is available on Kindle for only $1.99!

Speaking of the Poetry Society of Texas, membership in this organization is only $25 a year for current residents of Texas, and your membership permits you to submit to any and all of their one hundred annual contests, the deadline for which is August 15, 2014. So, fellow Texan poets, what are you waiting for? Join PST today!

That’s it for this week. I wish everyone productivity in your poetry and prose. (Or a deliciously lazy three-day weekend, whichever you prefer.) 🙂