A Summer of Words

Writing is like exercise, and I am out of shape. Writing is difficult, at least for me. I’m a perfectionist and a procrastinator, who’s easily distracted by new ideas, cute animals outside my window, and chocolate. None of these qualities do a consistent writer make. I’m also a teacher, and during the school year I’mContinue reading “A Summer of Words”

Tip #8: Share Carefully

A couple of weeks ago, I posted seven Tips for Taking the Stress Out of New Year’s Resolutions, and today I want to add one bonus piece of advice. At this point, you’ve celebrated your accomplishments from last year and have made a list of balanced, attainable goals/resolutions/intentions/wishes for 2015. (Right? If not, there’s still time. AfterContinue reading “Tip #8: Share Carefully”

7 Tips for Taking the Stress Out of New Year’s Resolutions

To Resolve or Not to Resolve, That is the Question  It’s that time of year again, the time of looking ahead, writing lists, setting goals, making resolutions. At least for some people. For others, the mere mention of the R word brings them stress. If you’re one of those reluctant resolvers, jaded from past experiences,Continue reading “7 Tips for Taking the Stress Out of New Year’s Resolutions”