A Fungus Among Us & Where to Find Me at TLA

Let’s pretend you don’t like mushrooms. This is actually easy for me to pretend because I don’t, in fact, like mushrooms. I don’t enjoy their taste and, more importantly, I find their texture unnerving and their appearance vile, particularly that little hairy part. Ick. So, you don’t like mushrooms. That’s okay. You don’t have toContinue reading “A Fungus Among Us & Where to Find Me at TLA”

No More Ghosts by Kari Anne Holt

Originally posted on Nerdy Book Club:
It’s still dark outside when I have to get my kids up for school in the morning. We stagger through what we call our Morning Night routine, then we pile in the car and make our way out into the world. On these dark mornings we pass other houses…