You’re a Winner!

Thank you to everyone who read my blog during the month of October, and especially to those of you who liked, shared, and commented on my posts. I appreciate you! * * * And now for the results of the October giveaway… The winner of The Screaming Staircase by Jonathan Stroud is Susan Rooke! The winner of The SpaceContinue reading “You’re a Winner!”

My Words in the World

It’s always a thrill to find out something I wrote will be shared with the world. Nothing beats receiving an acceptance. Writing requires patience and thick skin and endurance, and it’s nice to be rewarded once in a while. I’m grateful to each editor, judge, and small press who has given my words a home.Continue reading “My Words in the World”

Who Wants to Illustrate My Muse? 

I’m not much of an artist (obviously), but I’d love to have an illustration of the muse I created in my “The Night Before Deadline” poem. Here are the lines that describe her: For only a moment, my vision was blurred, then on my desk perched a girl like a bird. Her fingers were pencils,Continue reading “Who Wants to Illustrate My Muse? “