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Who Wants to Illustrate My Muse? 


I’m not much of an artist (obviously), but I’d love to have an illustration of the muse I created in my “The Night Before Deadline” poem. Here are the lines that describe her:

For only a moment, my vision was blurred,
then on my desk perched a girl like a bird.
Her fingers were pencils, her toes were erasers,
her teeth, when she smiled, were sharper than razors,

perfect for cutting unneeded description
and murdering darlings with flawless precision.
Her feathery hair was purple and long,
and her delicate wings were the color of song.

She wore loose-fitting clothing with numerous pockets;
around her neck, hung trinkets and lockets.
Her colorful pants were rolled up to the knees
and ornamented with stitched memories.

She wiggled her nose and winked one green eye,
then stretched out her wings and started to fly.

Are there any artists/cartoonists/doodlers out there interested in bringing my muse to life for me? If so, send your picture to cariejuettner[at]gmail[dot]com by February 14, 2016 with the subject Your Muse. I’ll share the best images on my blog and then give a prize to my favorite representation of my fickle little friend.

Have fun! And be careful—she’s been known to bite.