The Other House

“The Other House” was first published in 2016 in Under the Bed, Volume 4, #6. Since the digital magazine is no longer available, I’d like to share the story here. The idea for this tale came from my friend’s three-year-old daughter who used to talk about the “other house” she had. She was quite convincing aboutContinue reading “The Other House”

Oh the Thinks That We Think

Last night I babysat my little friend D, who is almost four.  (Last March I took care of D for three days while her parents were in the hospital having her little brother, W.  You can read about my great pseudo-parenting skills here and my less-great, thoroughly-exhausted pseudo-parenting skills here.) In the middle of anContinue reading “Oh the Thinks That We Think”

Your Parents Don’t Want Me to Know That

  Your Right To Privacy Has Been Revoked These days, we are constantly cautioned against revealing too much of our personal information online. Be careful what you share on Twitter. Don’t post your home address on your Facebook page. Never give your social security number to a stranger. Blah, blah, blah. The way I seeContinue reading “Your Parents Don’t Want Me to Know That”