15 Signs It’s the Last Month of School

Your lesson plans all say “Work on project? Or something?” Every single glue stick is empty. No one’s even calling the copier repairman anymore, and people have started storing snacks in the paper trays. Every day is a jeans day. No one really gave permission, it just happened. The things you pack for lunch haveContinue reading “15 Signs It’s the Last Month of School”

Morose Penguin Review, Issue One (and Done)

A Note From the Editor: In the world of literary journals, it’s unheard of for every single submission to be worthy of publication, but that’s exactly what happened with Issue One (and Done) of the Morose Penguin Review. The pieces arrived for my perusal, and not once was I disappointed. (Unless I was supposed toContinue reading “Morose Penguin Review, Issue One (and Done)”

The Eagle Has Ringworm! And Other Things You Don’t Expect to Say at Work

  Several years ago, at 4:10 p.m. on a Tuesday afternoon, I found myself running up some stairs, down a hallway, through a break room, and into an office, yelling, “THE EAGLE HAS RINGWORM!” Why? Because teaching is a really weird job that often makes you say words you never thought would come out ofContinue reading “The Eagle Has Ringworm! And Other Things You Don’t Expect to Say at Work”