BEWARE! Spooky Stuff Ahead

Well, no it’s not… not yet. But it is finally October, my favorite month, culminating in my favorite holiday, which just happens to be my birthday. How much do I love Halloween? My Halloween decorations take up six large boxes and two large garbage bags in the garage. I have three Halloweeny t-shirts, ten Halloweeny mugs,Continue reading “BEWARE! Spooky Stuff Ahead”

The Jack-in-the-Box

This week, my house has been acting like it’s October instead of January. First, I noticed tiny hand prints in the high window above my front door.  Raccoons, you say?  My money’s on gnomes.  Either way, something’s been peeking in my window.  Next I inherited this beautiful* new bird from my good friend Emily and promptlyContinue reading “The Jack-in-the-Box”