5 *MORE* Tips For a Proper Haunting

Not enough bats in your belfry? Too much eye of newt in your witch’s brew? Ghosts hanging a little limp? Clowns refusing to cooperate? Have no fear! Er… wait. Scratch that. Have MORE fear! Master your Halloween decor with these tips. [Did you miss Tips #1-5? Check them out here and then come on back.Continue reading “5 *MORE* Tips For a Proper Haunting”

5 Tips for a Proper Haunting

Two years ago, I posted some tips for getting the most scare out of your Halloween decorations. Last weekend, while I spent six hours spookifying my yard for this year’s crop of trick-or-treaters, I came up with a few more. But before I share them, I wanted to repost the original piece (only slightly revised) for those of youContinue reading “5 Tips for a Proper Haunting”

My Home Office is on Display at The Decorative Writer

  Hi Internet Friends, I have some fun news to share. The talented and creative Annie Neugebauer has kindly added my home office to the writing spaces featured at The Decorative Writer. I’m so excited to be included among the other beautiful and unique offices on display there! If you’d like a peek inside the room where mostContinue reading “My Home Office is on Display at The Decorative Writer”