Book Title Poems From a Stormy Night

Last night, thunderstorms and a pot of evening coffee proved to be the perfect combination for pulling books off my shelves and making some more book title found poems. Here are a few of my latest creations: The Arrival In the lake of the woods, strange little girls wait ’till Helen comes out of darkness (beautiful darkness)Continue reading “Book Title Poems From a Stormy Night”

More Book Title Poems

I recently got a new bookcase, which necessitated the reorganization of my books, which resulted in books EVERYWHERE, which led to more BOOK TITLE POEMS. Yea! I first discovered this lovely little time-consumer about a year ago when two titles sitting side-by-side on my shelf made me laugh. A lightbulb went off in my headContinue reading “More Book Title Poems”

10 Book Title Found Poems

This weekend, I was scanning my shelves looking for a book when I came across two titles side by side that formed a sentence. I thought, Ha ha! That’s funny! Then I thought, Hmm… Then I thought, I love books, I love poems, and I love found poetry, so… Suddenly, it became clear to me that IContinue reading “10 Book Title Found Poems”