Politics aside

Happy National Poetry Month! Today I’d like to share a little haiku I wrote that was first published in The Texas Observer in 2015. Naomi Shihab Nye, who chose the poem for publication, said about my work: “I love Carie Juettner’s understated twist of observational loveliness in this tiny poem. When people in other states ask, asContinue reading “Politics aside”

Ode to Oak Season

Today at school, my sinus headache made me grumpy with my students, even though they hadn’t done anything to make me grumpy. But I don’t think they noticed; they were grumpy too. One boy bravely volunteered answers and completed his work while holding a tissue to his nose the entire class period. One girl hadContinue reading “Ode to Oak Season”

“We Want Fireworks!”

I posted this memory on my previous blog five years ago and wanted to share it here again. I’m missing being with my family this 4th of July, but looking forward to seeing fireworks with the hubby. When I was a kid, there was a street in Plano, Texas, where my family and I usedContinue reading ““We Want Fireworks!””