Updates & Announcements

Hello all! I hope everyone’s having a happy holiday weekend. I’m on vacation too. In fact, I’m not *really* posting this right now. I’m really eating pie(s) and playing games with my family. This blog post is all an illusion. Kinda spooky, huh? (Sorry, I think I’m a little lightheaded from all the sweets.) Anyway,Continue reading “Updates & Announcements”

The Tomato-Elevator and Other Weird Stuff

One year ago today, my shortest and weirdest horror story was published at MicroHorror. Though I can’t explain why, I’m actually quite fond of it. Here is “The Tomato-Elevator.” The Tomato-Elevator The tomato-elevator had accidentally produced a squash, again. The director would be displeased. The workers sought to find the hiccup in the mechanism, but dueContinue reading “The Tomato-Elevator and Other Weird Stuff”