Trust Me, I’m a Poet

Back in April, when I attended the Austin International Poetry Festival, I got the chance to meet Nikki Giovanni and hear her speak, which was pretty awesome. But something happened after that speech which was also kind of awesome, and I want to share it. Nikki’s presentation was at the Convention Center, which is rightContinue reading “Trust Me, I’m a Poet”

AIPF 2015: A Recap in Snippets

Last weekend, poetry invaded the city of Austin in the form of the Austin International Poetry Festival. Austin’s a pretty poetic city on any day of the year, but during the four days of AIPF it’s hard to avoid poets in any bookstore, coffee shop, or meeting place in town. And why would you wantContinue reading “AIPF 2015: A Recap in Snippets”

A Poetic Recap

This weekend, I attended the Austin International Poetry Festival (AIPF) here in my hometown of Austin, Texas. I am proud that my city hosts this annual event, proud that our festival draws poets from all over the world, proud (this year) to have a poem in the beautiful anthology. During the four-day festival, I participated inContinue reading “A Poetic Recap”