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Dear Books…


Dear Books I Just Deleted From My Goodreads To-Read List,

I want you to know—it’s not you, it’s me.

It’s just that I’m at a very hectic place in my life right now, and I can’t give you the kind of attention you deserve. I mean, some of you had been hanging around on my list for years. I want to apologize for that. You deserve better. You deserve to be read. It’s not fair to keep leading you on this way. I think it’s best to just sever this relationship with a swift click of the mouse.

It doesn’t mean I don’t care about you. It doesn’t mean that I don’t want to peruse your every page, revel in your mysteries, and find satisfaction at your conclusions. I do, books, I do. I ache at every turn of phrase I’ll miss out on, every well-placed metaphor that would have made me swoon. But it’s better this way. It is.

For the classics who I’ve removed from my list, I want to add a special note of apology. You may have noticed a number of younger titles appearing on my profile lately. Please don’t take that the wrong way. You still have much to offer. You’ve been around, seen the world. Some of you have been through dozens of printings and earned numerous awards. That’s no small accomplishment. To that Pulitzer Prize winner who I dropped from my page, your disappearance is more of a reflection on me than you. It’s not that I don’t respect your themes and timelessness, it’s just a compatibility issue. You see, I’m going through this middle grade crisis right now…

This isn’t goodbye forever. Some day, some time, who knows what the future holds? We might meet again at the library or run into each other in an airport and decide to spend the flight together. Some of you, I’m sure, won’t easily be pruned from my mind. Perhaps, in a few days’ time, I’ll find myself at Half-Priced Books, desperately searching for your spine. I’ll have only myself to blame if you’ve already been purchased.

Don’t despair. You’ll find someone to read you. There are plenty of book lovers out there and plenty of space on the shelves. You are an eclectic and admirable group of titles, and I know you won’t be unlisted for long. Before you know it, someone will be “Currently Reading” you. Soon, I’m sure, you’ll be in their “Read” column, with stars next to your name and a flirty little review that speaks of love. You might even get snatched up by a book club or placed on a school’s website as “recommended reading.” I’ll try not to have any regrets.

I will remember you. Already I miss seeing you on my computer screen—your colorful covers and quirky blurbs. I want you to know that deleting you has been one of the hardest buttons I’ve ever had to click.

Best of luck to you, books. I wish you interesting bookmarks and gentle hands. I’ll always cherish the time we spent together.