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Mystery Solved! What’s Inside the Art Machine

A few months ago, I discovered a cool cigarette-machine-turned-art-machine at my local Whole Foods store and promptly broke it. (It was an accident, I promise.) Since it didn’t work, I didn’t get to find out what sorts of treasures awaited inside.



This week, I went back and was delighted to find the sad little “out of order” sign gone. I decided to try my luck again, and this time it worked! (Which is a relief because I didn’t want to to tell the nice guys at Whole Foods that I broke their machine again.)

Which treasures did I choose?


Why, slug soap and monsters, naturally.

Monsters = no brainer. I like monsters. I also think slugs are pretty cool when I am not stepping on them or trying to keep my dog from eating them. The slug on this package reminds me of the large plastic slug that I found and made into a necklace for my good friend Emily. (Yes, of course she liked it. Why do you ask?) I couldn’t resist seeing it in soap form.

I was so excited to find out what was inside these cigarette-pack-shaped boxes that I opened them up in my car. The advertising did not lie. I got a monster and slug soap.

ArtTreasurePicMonkey Collage

The monster is a little weird. Ok, they’re both weird. But the monster is more weird because I’m not sure what to do with it. At first I thought it was a magnet, which would have been cool, but no. It’s just a tiny painting of a vampire (with a side of Dracula trivia). I think this one is destined to become a stocking stuffer. (Get ready, friends and family! Any one of you could be the lucky recipient!)

The slug soap is, in my opinion, much cooler and also quite practical. I look forward to washing my hands with this little guy and watching him melt away like he’s been salted. (Don’t do that to real slugs! It’s mean!)

So, mystery solved. What’s inside the weird art machine? Weird art. Its existence makes me happy.

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The Coolest Thing That Didn’t Work

Ok, this is barely even counts as a post.  It’s totally random.  (So random, in fact, that I had to create a new category called “Random” because: A) This does not fit into any of my other categories and B) I predict more future randomness.)  It’s also more of a tease than anything.

Today, while having lunch at the Whole Foods near my house, I noticed this:



At first I thought it was a cigarette machine, but that seemed highly unusual, since the last working cigarette machine I saw was in Germany, and I was currently surrounded by organic foods, signs telling me to live a healthy lifestyle, and so many different waste receptacles that I almost got a little confused throwing away my compost-able lunch container.

It was not a cigarette machine, it was an ART MACHINE. !!!  Check this out:




Pretty cool, huh?  I couldn’t quite understand what was in there, but I knew I wanted it.  I had no cash, so I bought a few things from the store, paid with my debit card, got some five dollar bills and went to work choosing my selection.  It turns out it wasn’t that difficult.  (Monsters!  Duh.)



Here’s where the story gets disappointing.  Whatever was in my cigarette-pack-shaped monster box got stuck in the machine.  Ever an optimist, I put in another five dollars, hoping to unstick it and get a second one, but no.  At that point nothing would work.  I had, apparently, broken the art machine.  😦

The guys at Whole Foods were super nice and gave me my ten dollars back, but the man who “knows the machine” was not there, so they put a sad little “Out of Order” sign on it and I went about my day.  But I will be back!  I love this idea (despite the fact that it didn’t work for me today) and I can’t wait to find out what treasures await inside.

Has anyone else seen these anywhere?  Has anyone successfully bought something from one?  If so, please share!