Pandemic * Coronavirus is on the tongue of every passerby. Gossip spreads faster than germs and both are carriers of the disease. We wash our hands raw with soap and practicality but can’t help inhaling the news. Our map is full of pins in places we’re not allowed to go while vacations are both extendedContinue reading “Pandemic”

Why I Love Writing Club

Two years ago, I began assisting with my middle school’s Writing Club, and last year I took over as sponsor. It makes for a long Friday afternoon, and sometimes I need to just sit in the silence of my car for a few minutes before I drive home so I can get the ringing inContinue reading “Why I Love Writing Club”

Politics aside

Happy National Poetry Month! Today I’d like to share a little haiku I wrote that was first published in The Texas Observer in 2015. Naomi Shihab Nye, who chose the poem for publication, said about my work: “I love Carie Juettner’s understated twist of observational loveliness in this tiny poem. When people in other states ask, asContinue reading “Politics aside”