Children’s Nonfiction

Ghostly Tales CoverThe Ghostly Tales of New England (Spooky America)
* 112 pages
* Grades: 3 – 8
* Ages: 8 – 12
* Published September 7, 2020 by Arcadia
* Summary: New England’s haunted Yankee history comes to life–even when the main players are dead. Meet the Mad Doctor who lurks in the White Mountains, learn what really happened at Spooner Well, and tread among the spirits in Mystic Seaport. Dive into this spooky chapter book for suspenseful tales of bumps in the night, paranormal investigations, and the unexplained; just be sure to keep the light on.
* Available on Amazon


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Smart Words Beginning Reader: Octopuses and Squids
* 32 pages
* Grades: 1 – 2
* Ages: 6 – 8
* Reading Level: NA: 520L – 600L
* Published 2017 by Scholastic
* Sold in Smart Words Beginning Reader: Ocean Animals Pack through Scholastic Reading Clubs


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