Published Work



– “Night Walk,” Dreams & Nightmares, May 2017
– “Rooster with a Guitar” & “I Hate Those Poems,” Best Austin Poetry 2015-2016
– “Cicada Emerging” & “The Footprints, Encore: Prize Poems of the NFSPS 2016
– “The Morning After,” Texas Poetry Calendar 2017 & 2018, Dos Gatos Press
– “Underneath,” Encore: Prize Poems of the NFSPS 2015
– “Get a Cat (or Don’t)” and “writing with a view,” A Book of the Year 2016, Poetry Society of Texas
– “Clean
– “Someone,” Grievous Angel, February 2016
– “The Night Before Deadline
– “Wildflower Season” and “Things That Could One Day Find Their Way Into a Poem (in no particular order),” Best Austin Poetry 2014-2015, Austin Poetry Society
– “Oakwood Cemetery,” Visions International, September 2015
– Haiku: “politics aside,” The Texas Observer, August 2015
– “Marriage
– “Poetry Tumbles,” di-verse-city 2015
– “Old Soul
– “August in Texas: A Tritina,” Texas Poetry Calendar 2015, Dos Gatos Press
– “Up a Tree
– “Full Moon Year,” di-verse-city 2014
– “Stained” and “Bittersweet Verse,” Something’s Brewing, Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2014
– “Balanced Rock, Big Bend National Park,” A Book of the Year 2014, Poetry Society of Texas
– Haiku: “youth puts on a coat,” Texas Poetry Calendar 2014, Dos Gatos Press
– “Repeat,” Red River Review, November 2013
– “Growing Up on the Oregon Trail,” [Insert Coin Here], Kind of a Hurricane Press, 2013
– “Lost,” Best Austin Poetry 2012-2014, Austin Poetry Society
– “My Moment of Weakness,” Every Day Poets, February 24, 2013
– Haiku: “Calm, moon-glazed pumpkin,” Texas Poetry Calendar 2013, Dos Gatos Press
– “Summer Heat,” Winner in the Austin Poetry Society’s 2012 Poetry With Wheels Contest, Published in a Capital Metro Bus
– “Enchanted Rock in September: A Tritina,Texas Poetry Calendar 2012, Dos Gatos Press and A Texas Garden of Verses, Poetry Society of Texas 2013 Summer Conference Anthology
– “Something I Will Miss About My House on Ramsey,” di-verse-city 2011 and A Texas Garden of Verses, Poetry Society of Texas 2013 Summer Conference Anthology
– “Harvest Moon,Texas Poetry Calendar 2009 (published under the name Carie Kinder)

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StoryPublicationCollageShort Fiction:

– “Reap,” Daily Science Fiction, January 2, 2017
– “The Night Children,” Havok MagazineOctober 2016
– “Teardrops and Watermelon Seeds,” Spark: A Creative Anthology, Volume VII
– “The Other House,” Under the Bed, Vol. 4, No. 6, 2016
– “Time Flies,” Nature Futures, September 2015, and podcast (audio) at Nature Podcast
– “The Girl in the Attic,” Growing Pains, June 2015
– “Linger,” HelloHorror, Spring 2015
–  “Blink,” Flash Fiction Magazine, March 9, 2015
– “The Wish,” Every Day Fiction, March 9, 2015
– “My New Place,” MicroHorror, November 3, 2014
– “The Devil’s Plaything,” 1st place in Writers Weekly’s 24-Hour Short Story Contest, 2013
– “The Tomato-Elevator,”  MicroHorror, October 28, 2013
– “A Fair Day,”  Darker Times, Anthology #5, 2013
– “The Game,”  Literary Juice, June/July 2013
– “The Jack-in-the-Box,” Dark Moon Digest, Issue #12, 2013


Guest Blog Posts:

– “Tuning In to Good Writing,” The Muffin, March 4, 2016
– “The Story Behind the Story: Time Flies,” Future Conditional, September 2, 2015
– “Book Review: Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli,” Nerdy Book Club, February 12, 2015
– “The Gifts We Are Given,” The Muffin, November 28, 2014
– “Cue Tips, The Muffin, September 26, 2014
– “A Change is Gonna Come, Write by Night, August 8, 2012

*     *     *     *     *

Coming Soon:

– “Teardrops and Watermelon Seeds” (short story) – Ember: A Journal of Luminous Things
– Death Can’t Sleep (poetry chapbook) – Yellow Chair Review
“That Summer” and “Postcard From a Yankee on His First Trip to Big Bend” (poems) – A Book of the Year 2017, Poetry Society of Texas


  1. Hi Mrs. Juettner! I was just doing my homework and for some odd reason I thought back to the seventh grade. Guess what was the first thing I thought of? Your language arts class! I truly miss that class, and your kinder kats (is that what they were called?). I’m not exactly sure what the point of this comment was supposed to be, but I guess I’ll say thanks for being such an awesome teacher! (I’ve been reading your blog and it’s really good! =)

    1. Kasmira! Oh my gosh, how are you? It is so good to hear from you! You just made my day. :) I remember you well but am not sure which year I taught you. Are you a… junior in high school now? Thanks for reminding me about the Kinder Kats! I loved torturing my students with those candies. I should write a blog post about that. Thank you for saying hello. Feel free to find me on facebook if you’d like to catch up more. :)

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