Listen Louder Than You Sing

It’s hard to believe that just two and a half months ago I was still substitute teaching. I feel so at home in my new classroom and so involved in the lives and lessons of my seventh graders that I sometimes forget I didn’t start the year with them. They feel like mine now. My kids.Continue reading “Listen Louder Than You Sing”

My Etsy Store

My Etsy shop is open! Visit Pumpkins & Poetry for unique gifts, handmade games, custom-designed journals, and more. *   * For a look behind the scenes at the inspirations for my Etsy shop, check out these posts: * Is it Written in the Stars? Or Maybe on a Popsicle Stick? * A Blank PageContinue reading “My Etsy Store”

Substitute Teaching

I was a substitute teacher for one year. During that time, I subbed in thirty-seven different classrooms and libraries in twenty different schools. I may not have taught very much as a sub, but I learned a LOT. Adventures in Subbing, Part 1: The Disadvantages of Not Knowing Anything – October 14, 2015 Adventures inContinue reading “Substitute Teaching”