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When You’re a Teacher…

Taking a day off means not working on a Saturday.

Version 2


You see words misspelled so many times, they start to look correct.

Version 4


You even grade papers in your sleep.

Version 3


Eventually all free food starts to look good.

picmonkey-image1 picmonkey-image2

picmonkey-image3 picmonkey-image4


Parent conferences can happen anywhere.



Have a great day, teachers!


Carie Juettner is a teacher and writer in Austin, Texas. Her poems and short stories have appeared in publications such as Daily Science Fiction, Nature Futures, The Texas Poetry Calendar, and HelloHorror. She is currently working on a novel for the middle grade audience. Well, CURRENTLY she is drinking a cup of coffee and petting a dog, but she promises to get back to the novel in just a few minutes.

10 thoughts on “When You’re a Teacher…

  1. Hi Carie,

    I really enjoyed your latest blog, especially the cute illustrations.

    Is that your artwork? You are so multitalented! I can sure relate

    to those years when I was an elementary grades teacher. Glad you

    are enjoying your own days back in the classroom. Lucky students!!

    -Anjela :–))

  2. I am dying. The illustrations are fantastic! My favorites arethe bleary-eyed teacher at 5PM considering the old pizza slice and the parent conference at the wine shelf. 🙂 I’m glad you’re embracing *all* the aspects of teaching again. You are a strong, driven individual, Carie, and I admire you. ❤

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