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The Best Day Ever


Yesterday was the best day ever!

I got to…

* choose my own clothes

* ride in the front seat of the car

* put the letters in the mailbox

* punch the elevator button

* push the shopping cart

* hold the dog’s leash

* check out a book from the library

* answer the phone

* eat a cookie before dinner

* pour my own glass of milk

* watch TV after 8 p.m.

* stay up as late as I wanted

When you look at your day through the eyes of a child,
it can suddenly seem pretty amazing.



Carie Juettner is a teacher and writer in Austin, Texas. Her poems and short stories have appeared in publications such as Daily Science Fiction, Nature Futures, The Texas Poetry Calendar, and HelloHorror. She is currently working on a novel for the middle grade audience. Well, CURRENTLY she is drinking a cup of coffee and petting a dog, but she promises to get back to the novel in just a few minutes.

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